User toekan72 teaches us how to make a shield with a dragon design today. You can also check it out on’s banner editor if you want to make any modifications to it, right here.

How To Make a Shield with a Dragon

How To Make a Shield with a Dragon

You will need: 1x Yellow Shield, 1x Yellow Banner, 1x Yellow Dye, 5x Red Dye, 8x Black Dye, 1x Oxeye Daisy, 1x Vines.

Red Bend

Red Chief Sinister Canton

Yellow Bordure Indented

Red Flower Charge

Black Bordure

Combine the banner and the shield to make a shield with a design.

The banner doesn’t look like a dragon, but thanks to the offset of putting a banner on a shield, the shield will have a dragon design.

 As mentioned by one user, it kinda looks like a lobster, and its funny because now I can’t unsee it!

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