Here’s a really cool trick from CarnageTheCreator where you can add a custom text message at the top of the screen, if you would like a custom spawn. You can make it a welcome message, build credits, website or even your social media account like Twitter.

via YouTube: CarnageTheCreator

via YouTube: CarnageTheCreator

It’s really easy to do, but very innovative. You will need to place a Wither Boss underground and encapsulate it with obsidian blocks, otherwise it will escape and just fly around.

So place the wither in just a one block space in the room, and surround it with Obsidian.

ooh, hello there :) - via YouTube- CarnageTheCreator

ooh, hello there :) – via YouTube- CarnageTheCreator

Now you can click him and set whatever message you like :) Be sure to cover him back up with grass and dirt to hide your secret! :P

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