Summary: The first Vanilla Survival multiplayer server i’ve seen in a long time, CraftyMynes is exactly what it says on the tin – Vanilla Survival with other players. At least it runs on Minecraft 1.8

review-score-craftymynesI haven’t played multiplayer survival in quite a while, but when I was asked to review CraftyMynes, I figured i’d give the server a look, and judge based on the community, and the possibility for me to have a fun time playing survival. With this in mind, I hopped on the server. Amazingly, I could play on 1.8. All the important features are apparently run by commandblock, and this is apparent from the beginning, as you spawn right on top of a number of the things.

CraftyMynes is a 40 slot server, and there were 32 players online when I joined. There was definitely an active community, and they were chatting away casually, with the admin and mods also talking part. What they didn’t do was say hello. Right from the beginning, I was ignored. I was a little surprised at this, especially as I logged in with the official Gearcraft account (GearcraftTV), and we were contacted and asked to review the server. Perhaps everyone was busy at the time, and beyond a quick “hi”, I stayed away from chat myself, but I was disappointed that the community didn’t take the time to say hello. When I returned to the server to get some extra screenshots, I was again ignored, however two new players who joined after I did were both welcomed by the admin. I’m not quite sure what to think.


Moving on, I was impressed by the spawn. While it was a sprawling complex, there were command block teleports to an enchanting room and furnace/crafting room. Also in spawn is a teleport that takes you 10k blocks away from spawn. On a server where all the land around spawn is stripped bare, this is essential.

My final word of praise is the fact that it runs on Minecraft 1.8. Too many servers are still stuck on Minecraft 1.7.9, and that’s a shame. There’s not a lot else to see. You do get a book with which you can set your own spawn point, and teleport to the main spawn/your base with. Apart from that, it’s Vanilla survival with people.

The Details

Version: Minecraft 1.8

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