This awesome structure is called Hidden City Temple and its by /u/wytewydow on Reddit, is the beginnings of his hidden greek-inspired city. Built deep within an amplified mountain range.

In this build, I’ve focused on details, and depth.

I think it’s paying off.

I’ve used some of the same structural details in the foundations and rooftops for all of the buildings, and am limiting my block types for continuity.

I found this mesa overlooking the city, and had to place a couple buildings up here. They actually overlook another valley, so there’s some future incentive.

before I finished the main temple, I began work on the plazas and smaller fill work.

I think water features will be prominent in this city.

a view from every clifftop

there are about half a dozen of these little peak through spots; they’re begging for some sort of detail.

and the overhead view. you can see the scope of the valley; I intend to create a lush city from this.

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