Earlier this year, Gearcraft was involved with the Votable UHC #1, which was run by our friends over at Votable.com. This weekend, it’s UHC #2, and we’re proud to again be covering the events. Again, we’ll be providing a live blog, as well as a summary at the end.

The following information is provided by Votable

What is Votable Interserver UHC?

Here is a quick overview if you’re new:

– Teams of 4 across many different servers coming together to compete to determine the best of the best UHC squads in the world.

– The Winners get the votable UHC trophy and the everlasting glory that comes with it.

– The event will be livestreamed and different persepctives recorded and available from several youtubers after the event.

– Most importantly we hope to put together a insanely fun event for participants and viewers alike.

Competitor Roster

The roster is split into three regions for the qualifying round. The top 3 placing teams in each round will advance and earn a seed to the finals.

Qualifying Round 1: Dragons of the West – Airing Live @ 12PM PST – 3PM EST – 8PM UTC – 5AM AEST

Qualifying Round 2: Unicorns of the South – Airing Live @ 3PM PST – 6PM EST – 11PM UTC – 8AM AEST

Qualifying Round 3: The Guardians of the East – Airing Live @ 6PM PST – 9PM EST – 2AM UTC – 11AM AEST

We’ll announce on Twitter when the liveblog begins, and periodically post important updates there. For more information, make sure to check out Votable’s UHC information page

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