This year we will be part of something great, MineVention 2015! MineVention 2015 will be attempting to set a world record and we want to be there to experience it, and you should too!

MineVention needs your help to break the world record of the MOST Minecraft Steve’s in one room.

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If you want to help, the following official criteria must be met:

  • A large pixelated square head with dark brown hair and blue eyes (this can be purchased or handmade)
  • A light blue t-shirt (un-tucked on the left hand side and in the back)
  • A pair of blue jeans
  • All participants must also carry at least one Minecraft prop, such as a pixelated pickaxe or sword (this can be purchased or handmade)

Helping us break this record could mean we appear in the next Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition

What to Expect?

Programme of Events
The image below shows the list of presentations, meet and greets and question and answer sessions we will have on the day. With each YouTuber set in their own fixed group, finding the ones you want to get autographs and photos from shouldn’t be too hard!
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We hope to see you there!

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