Minecon 2015 Announced

Minecon; the elusive, exciting and sometimes plagued by problems Official Minecraft Convention, is returning this year. It’s being held in London, and it’s bound to sell out in seconds (again). The dates are confirmed as the 4th and 5th of July, and the location is the ExCeL London Exhibition and Conference Centre. Tickets aren’t available yet, but are set to be on sale later in February.

Oscilight—”A New Light on Puzzle Maps”

Oscilight is a unique, creative and original puzzle map that I quite enjoyed. The map is completely playable, though certain levels need a large amount of patience. Aesthetically pleasing, the minimalist theme ties everything together well

Minecraft “Violent”, According to Turkish Investigation

Is Minecraft a violent game? Turkey thinks so!
Minecraft, the game that’s sold millions of copies and inspired hundreds of thousands of people to build, explore and create amazing things is now coming under investigation by Turkey’s family ministry, on the grounds that it “encourages violence – in particular against women”.

Planetary Confinement—”The Dunes”

Planetary Confinement is the new Herobrine’s Mansion. A Map that comes out and changes everyone’s expectations about what Minecraft can do. While we’ve seen small scale custom model based maps, Planetary Confinement is the new standard for adventure/challenge maps. What was once the domain of mods is now Vanilla. What was once perceived impossible is now a reality.

Minecraft Blocklings Mod—Add Cute Companions To Your Minecraft World!

I stumbled upon this mod while browsing PlanetMinecraft, and it’s possibly one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen in Minecraft. (Apart from the killer bunnies). If wolves, cats and bunnies aren’t quite your thing, or you want a companion that can really fight alongside you, the Blocklings Mod is probably for you.

7 Minecraft Bedrooms We Want


When it comes to bedroom redecoration, Minecraft is the new hit thing. The Gearcraft Team has found 7 awesome minecraft bedrooms that we all want for ourselves. That might sound a little bit creepy, but these bedrooms are totally awesome!

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