Minecon, this year being held in London, looks to be fully attended. Tickets went on sale at 6 O’Clock London time, and sold out within minutes, as a , a tweet from Jeb_ at 11:12AM stated. Jeb’s tweet simply said “First batch of Minecon tickets are already sold out! (There may be a few being unlocked from canceled orders, if you’re lucky.)”.

From what i’ve seen on social media, it appears as if people are actually getting tickets, unlike 2013, where tickets were reportedly snapped up by bots within seconds. Mojang changed it’s ticket policy to try and stop ticket scalping, and it appears to have worked.

I visited minecon.mojang.com, to see if there were any avaliable from cancelled orders. As you can see from the picture above, there are none left at this point, until the second batch is released tomorrow.


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