Its now widely accepted by parents and teachers that Minecraft is a great educational tool which teaches many fundamentals and life skills. Many educators turn to YouTube because its a great resource depot for Minecraft tutorials and entertainment for children but the risk parents run of their child watching something inappropriate is very high. In order to mitigate this risk, two children have come up with a solution. Mitchell Brown and Scotty Vrablik, both 12 years old have created a membership based subscription service which features only clean family safe kid friendly Minecraft videos. They call their service and they’ve also created an Android app which is available on the Playstore for download to compliment it.


Mitchell Brown (left) and Scotty Vrablik work on their website. Photo: TNS features over 150 videos(new videos added daily) which have been personally vetted by Mitchell and Scotty and guaranteed to be profanity free. They say they accept submissions for clean kid friendly Minecraft videos on their website, so if you create videos which you think would be family friendly check them out.

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CleanMinecraftVideos Official Website

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