Minecrafter Killerx20 has finally releasesd his giant re-creation of Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar. This is a project he’s been working on since 2012, with a little help.

It contains the following areas:

  • Sector 1 Mako Reactor from FFVII
  • Sector 1 Station from FFVII
  • Sector 8 Town Square from FFVII and Crisis Core
  • Shin-Ra Headquarters from FFVII
  • Deepground variant from Doc
  • Crisis Core SOLDIER’s floor level 49 and SOLDIER directors office from Crisis Core
  • All Mako Reactor Interiors
  • Sector 7 Slums from FFVII
  • Sector 6 Slums and Wall Market from FFVII
  • Sector 5 Slums, Church, and Aeriths House from FFVII

Furthermore, the map has a functional railway system that connects all sectors together and features the central column that traverses between the slums and the plates.

All in all, it’s very impressive.

You can download it here

Some more screenshots:

2013-11-28_072504_zps36e58a1c 2014-09-29_235838_zps694acff9 2014-10-03_173644_zpsac531dbb 2014-10-03_174456_zps4b582b3e

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