Are you looking for the most perfect unique seed? We have some awesome seeds for MCPE which we think you should try out. Let us know how you like them below and if you have an awesome seed you can hashtag #YoGearcraft on twitter to share it or comment it below.

The Ultimate Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds List for 2015

Flat Seeds

1- Blank –  Will spawn a nice flat world on ice sheets with an ocean nearby.

2- Teletoon – Will spawn a completely flat world for you to build on.

3- 83blankets – All ice flat world with a few patches of sand a small hill.

4- qwertyuiop – Flat island spawn.

5- tunaktunaktun – REALLY flat the world is 6-8 blocks at its highest in the corner and the rest is near sea level.

6- sargent pepper – Over 20 sugar cane plants, a lot of water and grass so you can farm sugar and wheat. And there is flat ground just over a mountain range, lots of tree as well. I’m also having a lot of luck finding iron and gold.

7- ASSinAssassin – Lots of ice and flatter terrain and clay…a few mountains.

Awesome Seeds

1- THIS SEED SUCKS – You spawn next to a stone pathway and follow it and you see a giant floating mountain.

2- Nyan – 3 lavafalls and a lot of waterfalls, it’s PRETTY AWESOME!

3- 454444444444 – Snow Biome Island.

4- pathway – Check out this pic from it:

More Awesome Seeds

1- baseball – Cliffs and mountains in front of spawn.

2- slutfacedwhore – Sorry for the name, but check it out. Excellent mob spawner at edge nearest spawn point, snow biome with red mushrooms.

3- coxcable – Large mountain with coal and tunnels near spawn.

4- wheeloffortune – TONS of open coal and some open iron right next to spawn.

5- hellokitty – You spawn on a large flat piece of ice, and a little bit ahead is some clay, red mushrooms, and sugar cane all next to each other.

6- Horrid Seed – Try this one out and tell us what you think.. No spoilers! SHHHH :P

7- whatislove – An extremely hilly seed.

8- clay please – Spawn around 100 blocks of clay nearby.

9- Black Heart Death – Three villages spread across two biomes in a short walk. Head towards the hill across the creek. Also includes a sand village!

The Perfect Seeds

1- legend of luuc – Spawns right next to a mesa biome (full of gold and abandoned mineshafts), and a sand village. There’s also a dungeon under the well in the village!!!

2- 1408312972 – Some ice spikes in the direction that you spawn facing, a few villages if you turn right and go out to the savanna, and some other stuff.

3- Appll – If you travel a bit you’ll find about every biome except ice spikes and the mushroom island biome.  There is a lava pool in the jungle.

More Cool Seeds

1- cactusanal – Spawns you in between a mountain and a village. blacksmith has 12 obsidian, saddle and some other stuff. if you explore the mountain caves you find a mob spawner.

2- Intrepid – It has lava, cacti, sugarcane and everything else.

3- 1234886796 – Cliffs, waterfall and a cave.

4- 9296987872 – Large ocean, small islands and few resources. Good for hardcore.

5- 1772408051 – Large floating island.

6- 9003685394 – Large cave and lava.

7- 9016452725 – Pretty flat but there is some hills in the back, it also has many resources.

8- 6520768345 – Has some hills and large bodies of water.

9- b00o – (remember with zero’s)- Dig down=instant gold.

10- theelderscrolls – Seed is mega-packed with mountains and cliff-hangers over water! Check out the video:

11- dinorhinosaur – A really cool flower forest.

12- 805697637 – It’s a mesa biome right next to a jungle biome. Both also border a deep ocean. If you explore the mesa for a bit, it eventually turns into a bryce.

13- Devestator – You start off in plains with a huge mesa not too far away. A fair walk towards the sunrise (might be sunset, I can’t remember) takes you to a jungle. There’s also a swamp, birch forest, roofed forest, and flower forest all within less than a days walk from spawn. I still haven’t found a village or a stronghold yet, but I’m a settler, not a nomad so I haven’t explored more than a days walk in any direction.

14- SockNinja – Spawns you on a nice island in the middle of nowhere, make sure it’s on “Old” world setting or you’ll have a hard time finding wood.

15- megamansion – A good mix of biomes all around and for people who love the technical stuff in MCPE, dual zombie Spawners close by spawn.

16- 1388582293 – Has a somewhat big village, it’s 2-3 villages combined.

Unique Seeds

1- N4 – Two lands separated by a river going from one corner to the other.

2- life360 – Cool seed on the surface, but the unique part is the cave. Biggest cave I’ve seen in PE.

3- bigasdds – Longest individual canyon I’ve found in PE. Goes almost from one end of the seed to the other. Only has one entrance point at ground level with 4 waterfalls inside canyon.

4- 1389382651 – Huge valley with mountains that border almost the entire edge of the seed. About 90% of the valley is surrounded by mountains.

Tell us what you think

We will return with part two, even more seeds. In the meanwhile let us know which ones you really like!

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