Epic Builds is a series in which I find the best the Minecraft community has built recently. The criteria is simple: the build has to be epic! This week’s creation—”The Birdcatcher”—certainly fulfills that. 

In the first of a new series of Epic Builds, I present “The Birdcatcher”, a stunning creation made by Jossieboy. In “The Birdcatcher”, A lone elf sits on a cliff, trying to catch birds with a fishing rod and birdhouse. The terrain surrounding him is epic, in the truest sense of the word. Even better, it’s available to download, so you can explore and see the sights for yourself, if the renders below aren’t enough.

The Birdcatcher

Birdcatcher-render 1Birdcatcher-render 2Birdcatcher-render 3Birdcatcher-render 4Birdcatcher 1Birdcatcher 2Birdcatcher 3Birdcatcher 4Birdcatcher 5Birdcatcher 6

If you like this build, you can download it from PlanetMinecraft.

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