Oh boy! MineVention is going to be so awesome! They have 20 YouTube Stars which have confirmed their appearance, which greatly over-shadows the celebrity count of MineCon 2015. The coolest part is, that it will be more intimate, meaning that you have a WAAAAAYYY better chance to meet and chat with your fav MineCrafters.

Missed MineCon? Don’t Fret! MineVention is hereBut anyways, did you check out the animation? We’re having the same daydream too, which will also come to reality because we are going all the way to the UK to cover this event!!

Look out for our banner as well, it’ll will be hanging around there :D

Official Gearcraft Banner

Official Gearcraft Banner

If you haven’t got your tickets already you better hurry, they are selling FAST!

Purchase Tickets Now (VIP already sold out!)


More information about the venue can be found here: http://minevention.co.uk/venue/

Official Homepage: http://minevention.co.uk/

Social Media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


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