Dark Souls

You can make almost anything in Minecraft, from card tricks to cookie clicker. Minecraft is also great for huge, crazy, epic builds. Minecrafter Davweed’s 1:1 scale recreation of Lordran from Dark Souls.

According to PCGamer, “Easily one of the most stunning game worlds ever designed (if you ask me!), recreating Lordran isn’t as simple as plotting out a 1:1 scale model of the map. The way Lordran interconnects, and the sheer verticality of the map design makes for a pretty ambitious undertaking. The amount of precision required to recreate it with blocks is mind-boggling. ”

Currently, the project is 20% completed on PlanetMinecraft, but we can’t wait to see it finished and playable.

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Source: Someone is making Dark Souls’ Lordran in Minecraft – PC Gamer.

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