Dan TDM got his first Minecraft tattoo recently which took around 4.5 hours and he said that it feels like an intense sunburn. He also said it will take 2 weeks to heal completely. Watch the video to see the process.

Ahh! That's not blood!

Ahh! That’s not blood!

Someone asked Dan “Why get a Minecraft Tattoo, it won’t last forever?” Well Dan feels how we do. Minecraft is a major part of our life, and so why not make it official by branding it forever on your body?

You can also check out his second YouTube channel, MoreTDM, here.

Check it out his Minecraft tattoo on Instagram:

Dan's Minecraft tattoo via Instagram

Dan’s Minecraft tattoo via Instagram

Creeper Tattoo’s Fan or Fail?It looks really cool, DanTDM has immortalized YouTube and Minecraft on his forearm.

This isn’t the first time someone has got a Minecraft tattoo by the way, we actually interviewed this guy who got this creeper tattoo:


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