A while back when Gearcraft.us first made its way onto the scene of the Minecraft publication circuit, we did a post of Minecraft creeper tattoos. We posted 6 Creeper tattoos and had you decide if you were a fan or was it a fail. We were a fan of one particular creeper tattoo. Well the owner of that ink caught up with us after finding his tattoo on our site by chance.


Todd, Creeper Tattoo Guy, told us that he got the tattoo when he just turned 18 years old, “deciding I wanted one to be done professionally and Minecraft had become a big part of mine and my friends lives.” We all can understand that. Games from when I was a kid played a huge part in my life.

Todd tells us that it was a spur of the moment kinda thing, the creeper tattoo was done by a talented artist by the name of Anthony Pullin, http://anthonypullin.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1, check out his inkwork.

Check out some other gaming tattoos Todd has:

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Todd doesn’t have any regrets and nor should he:

I always let people know how much games had changed my life and I want to always remember that and even one day tell my kids and grand-kids stories about what I grew up with. It hasn’t exactly changed my life dramatically but it is a talking point and iconic fact on my person from anyone who knows me or I am being introduced too so in some ways it has effects on my life.”


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