Redstone genius samasaurus6 has today created one of the most sought after inventions in Minecraft. It’s something that many attempt to make, but few succeed. A working analogue clock.

samasaurus6 explains his rationale below:
So this week I decided that I wanted to build a working clock that is accurate to Minecraft Time. (not real-time) In Minecraft time, every minute is ~0.83 seconds real-time and every hour is 50 real-time seconds. There are 24000 ticks in a Minecraft day, so calculating the hours was a simple case of dividing by 1000 using integer division with scoreboards. The minutes were a bit trickier and I had to divide a different set of ticks by 17 to get it as accurate as possible with integer division. (The last minute on the clock is less than 0.83 seconds, but once it gets to the hour again it’s accurate, so it won’t lose track of time over time.

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So taking the minute and hour hand scores for Time, I could rotate them (They are levers on the head of the armour stand) to the appropriate degree. Hours rotate 30 degrees at a time and minutes rotate at 6 degrees.
The clock follows the time of day accurately, so you can change the time using ./set time [ticks] and it the clock will position itself at that time.

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Here’s a video explaining how it works.

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