Created by janeke100, Lerothe and a team of builders,  “Pandarthiel” is a Minecraft RPG project that looks awesome. I know we don’t normally showcase builds that don’t have downloads or an associated server, but this one is worth breaking convention for.

Minecraft cityA part of a city I'm building in minecraft.18-19th century house, Pandarthiel


18-19th century house, Pandarthiel


Minecraft houseone of some pictures i'm uploadingHuman city , Pandarthiel , bird-viewHuman city , Pandarthiel , bird-viewHuman City, RPG project PandarthielMinecraft Church/CathedralCathedral/ChurchA towerElven trees


The scientific human faction

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The scientific human factionA yet unfinished cityMinecraft Village
According to janeke100, the RPG project is barely 30% done so the finer details haven’t been added yet. Despite this, it looks awesome. If you like it, make sure to check out project thread on PMC

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