Gearcraft features a lot of PC Minecraft content, so today I thought I’d continue what I started with The Top 7 MCPE Farms of All Time! and look at the top castles built in Minecraft Pocket Edition. As with the farms, these builds were found on

While you’re looking at these builds, keep in mind the fact that they were built on phones and tablets, with touch controls. A number of them were even made in survival.

#1 – Mountain Castle – zimonitrome

To begin with, here’s an awesome castle perched perilously on the edge of a mountain.

#2 – Hogwarts Castle (work in progress) – silversnitch

If this were in order of awesomeness, this would be first. Here’s a massive recreation of Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter. The build also includes H0gsmede and the surrounding areas. Even more cool is the fact that a number of the interiors have also been built, including the Great Hall, potions lab & a lot more. There’s a massive album where you can see a lot more pictures, including build progress. Sadly, the castle still isn’t finished, although silversnitch had been working on it for more than two years when it was posted.

#3 – Ye Olde Castle – AngryFish11

This castle just looks cool – there’s not a lot else I can say about it.

#4 – Castle Newsense – toadthenewsense

An epic castle, with a surrounding town attached to it. This is cool!

#5 – Japanese Castle – DOG0fWAR

A distinctly different style of castle from the previous entries on this list, here’s a Japanese style castle.

#6 – Epic Castle – bottledgoose

This build is apparently inspired the Wicked Witch’s castle in the Wizard of Oz, something I can easily see. See more pictures here

#7 – Quartz Castle – InfinIteJKD

An ultra-modern looking castle made out of quarts, that almost reaches the MCPE hight limit. This thing is epic!

#8 – Mountainside Castle – parkerbeard

Rather than sitting on top of a mountain, this castle sprouts from the side of one.

#9 – Small Castle – hypnotic_panda

It doesn’t get much cuter than this small castle on the top of a hill. The tower tops are also pretty sweet.


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