When our friends over at www.votable.com decided to host a Minecraft build competition, I decided to enter, and use it as an opportunity to improve my skills. The challenge was to build a new dimension in Minecraft.

After agonising over what to build for days, I finally decided on a floating forest. After more than a week of building the islands, covering them in trees and vines, I moved onto building two small towns, an overgrown castle, and linking the islands together. What ultimately took the most time however, was perfecting the trailer.votable-contest-01-24 map

The result of nearly a month worth of work is Caelum Silva. The name is a rough translation of “The Forest of the Sky” into Latin. I’m not sure how valid the translation is, given that I only took Latin for a year in school, and promptly forgot most of the content.

This world of floating islands and long forgotten dwellings is perhaps the biggest project I’ve embarked on and actually completed. It’s also the first time I’ve attempted to build towns of any scale and succeeded. I still maintain however that I prefer making landscapes and islands.

2015-10-04_01.12.08 2015-10-04_01.11.56 2015-09-19_23.42.33 2015-09-19_00.23.38 votable-contest-014-200 votable-contest-013-100 votable-contest-012-100 votable-contest-01-542 votable-contest-01-43

If you want to download and explore Caelum Silva, you can! If you like it, let me know. The world will also be on the Gearcraft server as part of the upcoming update.


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