Chase M. or as he is best known by his alter ego ChaosXCraft, spends his days making videos of his Minecraft speed art on YouTube. And it might just make him a fortune.

The 17-year-old has thousands of young fans, gets bombarded with their daily messages, and the videos he uploads to his YouTube channel currently is one of the quickest growing genres online.

But if he walked down the street, nobody would recognize him.

Forget Sesame Street, this is the new children entertainment program.

Chase’s videos are all about Minecraft, from speed art to actual gameplay footage.

What is Minecraft?

  • Described as “a construction game where you can build anything you can imagine”
  • Developed by Markus Persson for Swedish games company Mojang
  • 14 million copies have been sold for PC and Mac
  • Sells more than 14,000 copies a day
  • Minecraft for Xbox 360 was released in May 2012 and four million copies have been sold

Source: Microsoft/Mojang/


The game has become such a phenomenon, these videos can attract more than 100 million hits in a week.

With YouTube’s ad share, these gamers can pick up decent revenue with only 10,000 subscribers.

“I wanted to start because It sounded like an awesome and fun thing to do,” he says. “And could help spread happiness to others.”


Chase tells Gearcraft about his ambitions:

“I would like to have it as a side job, but would like to have a full time job in graphic design. If I wanted fulltime, probably 200,000,” subscribers on YouTube.

The highschool student, who lives in the US, used to have a channel with over 10,000 subscribers, but recently YouTube suspended 15,000 accounts all related to Minecraft due to gaming the system with META tags (although thats another story).


Chase, who makes videos under his pseudonym ChaosXCraft, “came up with it by just liking the word Chaos, and I played Minecraft, so I put Craft in it as well. I actually separated the 2 words with and X, like ChaosXCraft”

Chase’s YouTube audience is largely comprised of eight to 15-year-olds, “Both male and female” he adds.


Do your parents know about your hobby? “My parents do, and they think it’s a cool thing to be doing, as well as my friends.”

“My future plans are to go to college, and bring youtube with me there and see how it goes. I see my channel either getting popular once I have more free time, or just staying in the lower ranks”

Chase also sells his art on his website.

Many of these channels, however can rise to the top quickly, they are easy to produce, “I produce them by myself, no extra help”

Kids’ media has gone under a radical transformation over the last three years, they are still watching TV and going to the cinema and playing console games. But they are also on YouTube, Facebook and mobile games.

These YouTubers are effectively entertainers, producing videos for fellow-minded players. To these fans, the YouTubers are celebrities.

“To my fans (if they are still around) I would like to say thank you for everything that they have done for me. And giving me support for my channel.”

Chase is only 1 out of tens of thousands who are making a modest living on YouTube, this could be the future for all, besides video games, make up videos, cooking videos, dance videos are all the craze. If you have a hobby, perhaps broadcast it on YouTube, who knows, maybe you might make it big.

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