With the Star Wars VII teaser released, and Star Wars skins coming to console, we seem to be on a bit of a roll.

To continue that, here is a build by BauMaxe – A Venator Class Star Destroyer, but at a 1:1 scale.


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“One of the most powerfull battleships of the clone wars is in building: the VENATOR star destroyer. This new warmachine may turn the war to a victory for the republic. It is longer than 1000m and has 8 DBY-827 laserguns. Also it has 192 v-wings on board and the same amount of Eta-2-Actis-interceptors. Next to this, the new and heavily armed arc-170 fighters are inside, too. The huge ship can transport a heavy ground army for fighting on planets. ”

The destroyer is currently 85% complete, and construction started in November 2013. When the project is complete, a download link will be released, but for now we have to contend with just pictures.

What are your thoughts about the latest Star Wars movie? Lets start a discussion in the comments!

You can check the build out on PlanetMinecraft.

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