Crazy Craft 3.0 is on the horizon for release and currently accepting applications for beta testing. If you haven’t heard about Crazy Craft yet, its a mod pack from the developers VoidsWrath, where, you guessed it, everything is craziness!

There’s various new mobs, structures, weapons, and more all chosen for their bizarreness and completely random nature, no two people could have the same experience with this mod pack. But everything in this mod pack compliments each other so well! You have to play it to believe it, or you’ll just think I’m crazy!

What sort of mobs can you expect to see in Crazy Craft?

With over 50 mods you can bet there’ll be something for everyone.

The King

is the a 3-headed ice dragon that claims that HE’s the KING OF CRAZY CRAFT!!!! But are we gonna let that happen? NO!!!


Godzilla’s evil cousin is dangerous and deadly and a HARD monster! Try at LEAST once to kill this monster!

He can only be spawned by you, BUT you can find him naturally in the Village dimension! You need to kill this beast to get the epic and powerful Mobzilla armor!!

Find out more about all the mods and more on the Crazy Craft Wiki page.

How to Play Crazy Craft 2.2

VoidsWrath's Mod-Packs

VoidsWrath’s Mod-Packs

The Void Launcher is a custom Mod Pack launcher that was created by VoidsWrath for people to play their public servers, record for YouTube or to play on singleplayer! Besides being able to play CrazyCraft with the launcher, you have access to all of VoidsWrath’s mod pack library which includes: Poképack, Voids Wrath, Crusader Craft, Jurassic Craft 2, Dream Craft 2, and Crazy Craft 2.2.

Download VoidLauncherAll Mod-Packs

Crazy Craft 3.0 Beta Testing

VoidsWrath will be accepting applicants to take part in the beta testing in one of the Craziest mod packs ever created! Pandoras box is unleashed combined with transformers defeating Mobzillas, there is nothing crazier! This will be the period where we hard test every aspect of the modpack trying to find all bugs, more mods to add in and other things to help improve the mod pack!

Sign up for 3.0

Crazy Craft 3.0 Full Release

Crazy Craft 3.0 will be released to the public by July 18th or early or later depending on how the modpacks status is. They are shooting for July 18th however. So be sure to be on the lookout and help them prepare for it! There will be custom animations and trailers made for the modpack and released throughout July!

What happens to Crazy Craft 2.0?

Crazy Craft 2.0 simply gets moved to legacy. Currently Fellowship 2.0 and Crazy Craft 1.0 are in legacy. They wanted to make it so you guys can play and enjoy the same experience you had years ago. That is where you will find Crazy Craft 2.0 and the public server simply will be made smaller unless there is a spike in players where they will accommodate them accordingly.

Crazy Craft is only for Minecraft for PC. In other words, you cannot get Crazy Craft on your Android device or your XBOX360, sorry :(

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