In a bid to beat the April Fools prank rush, Mojang has released their joke version early this year. Minecraft 1.RV – the Trendy Update Pre-Release 1 is a new update for Minecraft that adds a number of new features, including: a USB Charger Block, Ankle bracelet, Smart Watch and Virtual Reality Goggles.


Virtual Reality Goggles in action.

The entire changelog from Mojang is as follows:

  • Monsters will now be equipped with the latest gear on the market. What market? The monster market.
  • New tools that once you use them, you can’t remember how you could live your life without them. They may even not come off! But why would you want that anyway?
  • Never miss any important information! What’s important? We don’t know, so it will tell you everything. With sound!
  • All these gadgets will need more power, so we’ve added a USB Charger Block to help you out
  • Digitalized Herobrine
  • Removed Herobrine

If you want to try out the Trendy Update, you can download it as a snapshot from the launcher.

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