Minecraftgifs.com is a tumblr blog showcasing the beauty of Minecraft that any Minecraft geek would appreciate in the form of GIFs. We were looking at their cool animated GIFs and couldn’t but help and think these should be set as our animated desktop backgrounds on our phones and PCS.

Look at these Minecraft GIFs

This gif makes me feel like I’m laying in a nice park on a warm spring afternoon.

This Minecraft gif actually is a snippet from the 2015 E3 demo of the new Microsoft HoloLens. This was Minecraft PE.

You can feel the heat

The lighting effects are really nice. The creator says the shaders he uses most for these gifs are Stazzas, Ziipzaaps, Chocapic, CUDA, SEUS (of course) and Sildurs! Go check out the forum for the shaders mod to get you going!

I just wanna take a dip in this hot summer day

MinecraftGifs has been around for 3 years and provides the most highest quality gifs I’ve seen for Minecraft. The creator really has an eye for beauty. Below is actually is first GIF for the tumblr site.

Its kinda cute


He doesn’t only do gifs for scenes, this is one for valentines, pretty creative.

The blog is still 100% active and new posts are still being made on a weekly basis, although Minecraftgifs.com creator says he does have classes which occupies his time. If you’re looking for some cool animated Minecraft gifs that display the beauty of Minecraft, then look no further.

Check out more GIFs on his tumblr site
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