Originally from Imgur, patbarnslow , posts a detailed how to for A-Frames:

Let’s make an A-Frame on this stone island. This is how I do it. You can make your own adjustments.

I flattened it out, making it 5 tall.

The house will be approximately 11×11, so I adjusted accordingly.

You will want to make the width of the house an odd number so that you will have a narrow peak when you are done. I’m going with oak logs and birch planks for contrast.

Build up two logs then stairs across the top of that, then in one block and repeat. The stairs overhang the ends by one block.

For now finish up the top like this.

Add planks to the ends of the logs as shown.

I like to make the roof point out like this.

On every window, add a row of planks on the bottom. Glass blocks would be interesting here.

Like this.

I added a fireplace which displaced the center log on the back side of the house.

I had forgotten to do this earlier, but I replaced stairs with logs. This is necessary later as the glass panes on the front and back of the house will be able to connect to the logs, but wouldn’t connect to the stairs.

Some sort of flooring.

I continued the roof line down one level.

Start the second floor with slabs under the overhang.

I like to make half floors, to make a loft. Obviously, if you make a larger or steeper house, you could have more floors.

Glass panes of your choice.

If your house is on water it can be made into a nice boat house.

Add some docks.

A ladder.

The glass in the front and back of the house can be broken up with some log posts if desired.

I sunk them into the floor one block.

…After a little landscaping.

This is the first one I built. After this I decided I wanted my roofs to have more pitch. This is the pitch you get if your roof goes up two blocks each level.

This is a boat house I made on my server. Maxmojo built the little quartz chapel.

This is my house. You can see the cave can be used for a stable.

The other side.

I even made my greenhouse an A-Frame. That took a lot of glass and dye.

From inside.

Maxmojo built this A-frame with a very steep pitch. Thanks for looking!
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