One of the hardest challenges when becoming a youtuber is finding places to get your name out. Finding places to advertise without spamming, or breaking rules is time consuming, and will often lead to little success.

We have a solution however. You might have noticed last year that we created a Forum. At the time I was busy beginning server reviews, finding a reviewer, and so they never got featured. Since then, there hasn’t really been a defining reason to feature them. Now that i’m compiling a guide to becoming a famous youtuber, it seems like an opportune moment.

You can get to our forums by clicking on the link in the menu, or going to From there, post your Youtube Channel in the “Introductions” Category.

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While you’re most welcome to post your channel in the forums, please be mindful of others, and don’t fill the forums with spam.

We look forwards to checking out all your channels. Also, make sure you check out this list of creative commons music you can use in your videos.

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