We’ve seen some pretty original inventions in Minecraft, but never something that would combine the virtual world with the real world.  /u/Slumber_watcher on Reddit invented this awesome little hack.


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This is what /u/Slumber_watcher had to say about this invention:

“Made this a while back. The minecraft server is a regular one without any mods and a webserver that can run cgi-scripts.

How it works: The lever not only controlls the lamp but also sends a signal to command blocks that writes to the server log if the lamp is powered or not. The logfile is read by a script that then sends a message (via the serial port) to an arduino with one of these. The arduino then sends a signal to the desk lamp, connected to one of these.

To make the phone controll the redstone lamp, it simply make the script running on the webserver send setblock-commands to change the lever.”

So what do you guys think? Knowing that these kinds of things are possible with only the log file and an arduino board, what else can be done?  Don’t forget to share, the insight this can give is limitless!

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