Following up on our recent Minecraft Generation article, here are three things that only Minecraft players will get.

Two Buckets of Water
How on earth do two buckets of water create an ocean? Nobody knows, but Minecraft Players understand that it works, and that’s all that matters

Everything’s cubed

Started measuring things in cubes yet? It’s the latest system, and is set to replace both imperial and metric measurements within a year. Or something like that…

Breeding is easy!

Stack of wheat – Check.
Multiple Animals – Check.
Give wheat to Animals, babies appear. It’s that simple.

Don’t dig straight down

Why isn’t this on a t-shirt yet? It’s a classic. Minecraft players like us know that digging straight down is bad for your health, but does anybody else?

Floating Islands

There isn’t much gravity around here. It’s kinda awesome.

Shadows are circles…because

Unless you’re using the Three Step resourcepack, your shadow is probably round. That’s minecraft for you.

Creepers explode
I think Notch added creepers just to be a troll. That’s all they freaking do. See my playthrough of “Blocked In” for an example!

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