When it comes to bedroom redecoration, Minecraft is the new hit thing. The Gearcraft Team has found 7 awesome minecraft bedrooms that we all want for ourselves. That might sound a little bit creepy, but these bedrooms are totally awesome!

Bedroom #1 –  Azurite222|Reddit.com

Bedroom #2 – Nicole Flowers|Pintrest.com

Bedroom #3 – Jason Herzner|Pintrest.com

Bedroom #4 – Lucie Pipkin|Pintrest.com
Minecraft Bedroom this is cool, but I'm just doing one wall
Bedroom #5 – Kim Stone|Pintrest.com
Minecraft bedroom - my son loves it!
Bedroom #6 – Mandy Hartman|Pintrest.com

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My sons awesome minecraft bedroom!
Bedroom #7 – andy wroclawsky|Pintrest.com
Now THIS is a good Minecraft-themed bedroom. Uses elements from the game without making them in-your-face, and incorporates normal furniture too without ruining the theme. Gives a mature look kinda

Have you got an awesome Minecraft Bedroom? Show us in the comments below!

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