Votable User itsmesophie is at it again, this time with a list of 42 Things to Do in Minecraft! Some of them are pretty crazy, and you should check them out! Let us know when you’ve finished, and make sure you go check out Votable.com/Minecraft – it’s a great community!

1.) Ride a Pig!

2.) Get 50 Levels of XP

3.) Fist fight an Enderman

4.) Make a Railroad that goes for miles!

5.) Fire Yourself out of a TNT Cannon

6.) Build a Giant Cobblestone Castle

7.) Ride a ghast for 5 seconds, then fall in Lava

8.) Build a tower that goes from Bedrock all the way to the sky

9.) Burn down a village

10.) Make an army of creepers and unleash them on your friends

11.) Tame 20 Wolves

12.) Enchant a flower

13.) Fight a naturally spawned Iron Golem

14.) Kill a Blaze using only snowballs

15.) Drink a potion of fire resistance and take a swim in the Nether

16.) Cage a Creeper inside your house and use him as a Trophy

17.) Create a Wither in the End, then sit back and watch the show

18.) Have a speed potion enhanced pig race (the more people racing the better)

19.) Ride a pig riding a mine-cart

20.) Spawn tons of Endermen in a rainstorm

21.) Slap someone with a Raw Fish

22.) Build a sunken ship

23.) Spawn a Creeper in a pack of Ocelots

24.) Craft a Stack of TNT

25.) Make a Snow Golem Army!

26.) Get a griefer banned on a multiplayer server.

27.) Ride a pig off a cliff… multiple times!

28.) Make a mob arena!

29.) Build a house on a floating island complete with a wheat farm, animal farm and other Minecraft necessities.

30.) Throw a cow off the previously mentioned floating island.

31.) Make a Wooden Castle and Light it on Fire

32.) Make a Mc Donalds, or Jack in the Box.

33.) Build an upside down pyramid.

34.) Build an upside down pyramid on top of another pyramid

35.) Make a water slide!

36.) Plant trees in the nether

37.) Make a rollercoaster

38.) Kill herobrine.

39.) Make a mansion

40.) Take a moment to catch your breath and appreciate the beautiful scenery

41.) Build an underwater city!

42.) Have fun!

Source: 42 Things to Do In Minecraft!

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