Sometimes the usual Minecraft texture pack makes us lose interests. It does look like something out of a 1990’s game after all. Resource packs are a great way to regain that lost interest and spice things up. For the reason, resources packs have been high demand for the past couple of months. Considering the many packs out there no one knows what to choose. Gearcraft is here to help you choose the right resource pack and find which resource pack is right for you.


Sphax: Sphax is a great resource pack that appeals to the inner-child in you! This cartoon-styled resource pack keeps the same colors as the original resource pack but creates a whole new twist. Never has a resource pack revolutionized a whole community. You’ve probably seen the joy of your favorite streamer’s face when they used this colorful pack and now it’s your turn! Sphax is available at

Faithful: The Faithful resource pack is just that … faithful to the original resource pack. The double resolution resource pack has the original Minecraft feel which we’ve all grown to know and love. This resource pack re-textures that original skins and removes the 8-bit feeling to Minecraft while giving it a smooth feeling. If you want a new resource pack but don’t want to stray too far away then this is perfect you! Faithful is available at×32-pack-updateocelot-two-cats-new-saplings-ctm-17/

John Smith Legacy: Minecraft has recently taken an interest in the rustic style of things ranging from builds to of course – resource packs. This medieval-inspired rustic resource pack takes Minecraft into a whole new level. It transports the user into a whole new game, almost as if you’re playing Minecraft for the first time again. John Smith is great texture pack if you want to try something extremely different and new or if you’re into the rustic theme. John Smith Legacy is available at

These are just the some types of resource packs out there. As Minecraft expands endless amounts of resource packs are being released each day. Try these out and go try to find some others. Share your favorite resource pack in the comments, share this with your friends, and come back to Gearcraft for more!

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