Isn’t it strange how when you can’t play Minecraft on your favorite electronic device, you still want to play it in real life? Well we got our hands on these 3 top selling Minecraft toys and we’re going to play with them.. erhm.. review them for you.

1.) Minecraft Animals 6 Pack

Minecraft-ToysThe figures are about 2 inches to 2.5 inches tall, and each animal can be taken apart. We first thought these were papercraft, but they are high quality plastic, not LEGO. A Pig, Sheep, Cow, Tame wolf, ocelot, and a chicken are included for all the pretend Minecraft you can play with your friends in class! It’s really cool because each animal can turn their body parts differently from each other to stay true to the game. For example the chicken can move it’s wings up and down. The ocelot can wag it’s tail. They also stack up on each other pretty good. Check it out on Amazon.


2.) Minecraft LEGO – The Farm

Minecraft-Lego-FarmThis Full-Sized LEGO Minecraft kit is perfect! It comes with everything you need to start your collection. It comes with a Steve figure, plus a skeleton, cow and a sheep. This can be combined with the other LEGO sets and has its own unique feel. My favorite part is the movable gate on the pen to let the animals in and out. Check it our on Amazon.


3.) Minecraft Steve on Horse Action Figure

Minecraft-Steve-HorseAll you need to keep your horse happy is some hay and apples, luckily these action figure comes with movable arms and legs so you can feed and ride your horse while you go explore. You can even hold the apple and eat it while you ride the horse searching for diamonds! The saddle and bridle are removable so you can have an untamed horse. This is a must have for any Minecraft toy collector. Check it out on Amazon.





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