Earl S.Wynn did a great list on 101 signs that you’ve been playing Minecraft too much, we would like to keep that ball rolling with 25 insane more reasons.

1.) You are afraid to go outside in the morning for fear that a spider will pounce on you or a creeper will blow your house up.

2.) You lie on your bed thinking you will go to bed in 60 sec.

3.) When you get lost, you kill yourself in the hopes of respawning beside your bed.

4.) You gouge out someones eye and throw it into the air, hoping it is close enough to an eye of ender and it will show you where the dungeon is.

5.) At night you run back to your house, in hope that no mobs have spawned, and just to make sure you turn on all the lights, and listen.

6.) You are positive jumping off a 40 story building will be safe, providing you land in a puddle of water.

7.) You can swim up a waterfall with no hands

8.) You have just found out the world isn’t cube (I’m sorry its true)

9.) When someone says: “Would you like some cheese on toast?” You say: “Pfff! Cheese isn’t real!”

10.) When you go to sleep you count creepers.

11.) You smash boats tryin 2 get sticks

12.) When you see people digging and yell “don’t dig straight down!”

13.) When you dig a moat around your house and fill it with lava to keep the zombies out.

14.) You punch your fridge hoping milk will come out.

15.) You put a fermented spider eye and a bit of sugar in a water bottle and think you run faster.

16.) You start thinking that tall black people are damaged by water and have the ability to teleport.

17.) You sprinkle little red dust around a lever and a lightbulb, expecting the light bulb to light up.

18.) You throw eggs at walls hoping to hatch a chicken.

19.) You feel compelled to start playing around with gunpowder and TNT in real life.

20.) You can’t understand why punching sheep in the real world doesn’t give you wool.

21.) You shovel snow and hope to get a snowball.

22.) You doodle structures on a piece of paper while on the phone.

23.) Your eyes are turning into squares.

24.) You die and reincarnate in your bed.

25.)You’ve read this whole thing!!!!!!

Have more to list? Keep it going, list them below in the comments and share!


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