With Minecraft 1.9 development underway, it’s time to discuss what we want to see added to the game. Courtesy of Votable, here are 17 suggestions from you, the community.

  1. More/Harder Bosses – minemaniac
  2. Better and Smoother animations – minemaniac
  3. Birds other than the chicken – TheEnderRedstoner
  4. A use for Endermites – narnia3499
  5. Revamped Crafting System, involving “Stone Table” for creating stone/gold items, and then for iron and diamond items, crafting would be done on an anvil. A mold system similar to Tinker’s Construct could be used for creating tools. – v8power
  6. A new dimension and more mobs – zane
  7. More generated structes including Pyramids, Graveyards and more temples – Mikeware
  8. More mobs and items – MariachiGaming
  9. A new biome – MariachiGaming
  10. Zebras and Lions in Savannahs – CoopDizzleMC
  11. More Ocean Content, such as aquatic flora and/or another mob – Mammakitty
  12. Sea Dragons – Mattexile
  13. More information about Realms – asterious
  14. Sharks – randerz
  15. Modding API – MCDeathslimbs
  16. Rubies, Sapphires and other gems – MCDeathslimbs
  17. “buffing up and adding some type of vague connecting plotline to higher end mobs” with the intent of adding to the lore of Minecraft – asterious

Suggested: MINECON 2015 announced!

What do you want to see in Minecraft 1.9? Let us know in the comments below!

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