What are the most useless things in Minecraft? This is my list. Xbox 360 Edition.

01-deadbush1. Dead Bush – Really does this need an explanation there is no use for it and it is rather ugly.




02-Fern2. Ferns – Looks better then the dead bush yet still no real use.




03-sponge3. Sponge – Only in creative mode  the sponge has no uses what so ever. Once, a long time ago, it had the ability to dry up/erase water (very useful when building near or around water). Now it is purely a decorative block.



04-NonSplash_Potion_of_Poison4. Non splash potion of poison – I mean this is kinda self explanatory.. do you WANT to poison yourself?






05-DiamondHoe5. Diamond Hoe –  Why would you waste precious diamonds on a hoe? Diamond swords are the best in combat, diamond pickaxes are needed for obsidian, and diamond axes and shovels are really fast, but you can’t plow dirt faster with a diamond hoe over any other hoe. I guess it just to show off how rich you are.



06-Cauldron6. Cauldron – Useless, potion bottles can be filled with water by clicking on a source water block. Just make a 4×4 square block of water and you can easily replace ALL your cauldrons, spare all that wasted iron spent on it. Just an expensive decorative item.  Cool for aesthetic uses like makeshift sinks, but for the cost to build it (7 Iron Ingots) and that it only fills three bottles when a water source block can fill as many as needed, it’s pretty useless as a game item.

07-Dragon_Egg7. Dragon Egg – This really has no real use accept for teleporting when it is hit.




08-Rain8. Rain- Rain has no real purpose, I know its not a block but useless none the less.




09-Potato9. Poisonous Potatoes – You can’t nonpoisonous them! ;)





10-cobweb10.  Cobweb – This kinda has a use if you need to slow mobs down that’s really it, since it is annoying to get stuck in or fight spiders in.




11-Chainmail11. Chainmail- Can only be attained in creative mode, so for the majority who play survival it has no use what so ever, even if you spawn it in, iron is better and not hard to make.





12-Clock12. Clock – Do you really need it to tell day or night? Just look up and if your mining the times doesn’t matter  and what a waste of that BUDDER!



13-Jukebox13. Jukebox- In survival there is no real use, besides music and that diamond is precious.







14-GhastTear14. Ghast Tear – Hard to get without burning yourself or the tear, and other than a potion its useless.




15-Bedrock15. Bedrock – Its great so you don’t fall through the world but really has no main use, and in creative there is no real good reason to use it other then it not being able to be greifed on public servers.




This is my list for useless things in Minecraft, add more to the comments if you can! And don’t forget to share.

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