It’s Snapshot Season again, with Dinnerbone tweeting out teasers like mad. While we wait for snapshots, here are 15 things that we want to see in Minecraft 1.9

#1- Better/Bigger Boats
Wouldn’t it be great to actually be able to sail across the ocean? If that’s too much, what about boats that don’t break?

#2 – Bookshelves that hold books
What’s the point in building a giant library if you have to put chests around to hold books (Written and Enchanted)? Lets put an end to that, and give bookshelves an inventory

#3 – More Stews
Mushroom and Rabbit Stew are the only two currently availiable. What about Potato, Beef, Chicken and Mutton? Lets get some more stew!

#4 – Let Jukeboxes Store Records
Similar to bookshelves, Jukeboxes should be able to hold records. Having a chest isn’t as inconvenient as in a library, but it’d still be a cool feature

#5 – Colored Text
Colored Text is half implemented in Minecraft. With external editors, you can input a section sign (§) and use it on signs, world names, custom resourcepacks and items. Yet in game, the only thing that works is a book. Properly implementing color, whether through dyes and “colored ink”, or simply allowing the section sign would allow for extra detail in ease.

#6 – Doubling Up TNT
In Survival, TNT is quite limited. While it creates a boom, you need quite a lot of it to make a big hole, and sometimes there isn’t a lot of space to put it in. Okay, maybe i’m thinking from a griefer’s perspective here, but why can’t we get TNTx2, TNTx4 and so on, each iteration being twice as powerful?

#7 – Fish!
Lets liven up the waters, with actual swimming around fish. I’m not sure how they would interact with fishing rods, but I want to be able to see actual clownfish in the water.

#8 – Birds!
With fish in mind, lets also brighten up the sky! Birds flying around, landing on trees, eating seeds. It’s all about the detail, right?

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#9 – Friends List
I know this idea has been floating around since Beta 1.8 (and a long time before that), but a Friend’s List would be handy.

#10 – Animated Swinging of Doors
So a large part of this list is detail. One huge missing detail (okay, not really) is the lack of animation when doors are opened or closed.

#11 – Unenchanting Table
So I’ve had Bane of Arthropods on far too many swords. An unenchanting table to remove the wasted magic, even at the cost of levels, or gold, or something similar, would be awesome!

#12 – Uncrafting Table
In the same vein as the Unenchanting Table, an uncrafting table would be great.

#13 – Dual Wielding
Why is this not a thing yet? Seriously? Why not?

#14 – More Potions
So according to the Minecraft Wiki, there are a number of unused potions, including “Stinky”, “Acrid”, “Potent”, “Sparkling”, “Gross”, “Elegant”, “Smooth”, “Flat”, “Milky” and “Clear”. Why can’t we have those potions? They sound awesome! Even if they don’t do anything, they would add detail to adventure maps.

#15 – Skis
Originally an easter egg from Christmas 2012, Skis would be a great addition to the game, and make traversing Tundra much quicker. We want them!

What do you want in Minecraft 1.9? Let us know in the comments below!

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