Imagine walking into a shop and finding these Minecraft products for sale, only thing is, they aren’t for sale, and they are one of a kind. Most of these are custom made by fans just like you.  We scoured the interwebs to find you the coolest Minecraft products, let’s take a stroll down the Minecraft shop:

1.) You walk into the shops parking lot and you see this.


2.) As you cruise by the furniture section you spot this nice coffee table:


3.) On the couch you find a nice lifesize creeper cushion, super comfy!


4.) In the women’s section, you find a nice dress for your girlfriend, mom or even yourself:


5.) Nice dressers:


6.) Those dressers would be empty, but you can store this shiny Ender Pearl in it:


7.) Even keep your valuables, like this diamond ring:


8.) In the other drawers you can store your creeper socks:


9.) What good are socks without the shoes:


10.) Always know the time with this creeper watch:


11.) If its late, keep away the creepers with this awesome night lamp:


12.) Would your parents let you have this in the living room?


13.) Your living room isn’t complete without this Minecraft rug:


14.) Too bad they don’t really sell these at the store, but they look easy to make:


15.) This one is really cool, a life size animatronic Creeper, that really moves:



For more info on the animatronic creeper check out this blog. See the video below of it in action:

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Some products listed are for sale by the creators, check out DeviantART and

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