Minecraft’s a pretty complicated game, and there’s a lot to know. We’ve collected a list of 125 facts that you might not know, but probably should.

  1. A creeper’s fuse countdown lasts a little longer if it encounters a cobweb
  2. A bow at max power can destroy a boat and minecart
  3. A dropped item on a rail will stop the minecart
  4. A fully charged bow does more damage then a diamond sword
  5. A splash potion of harming will heal skeleton and/or zombies
  6. A splash potion of healing will hurt skeletons and/or zombies
  7. A TNT explosion will destroy 70% of the items around it
  8. All cows in Minecraft are female, since they can all give out milk
  9. An arrow shoot at primed TNT will right come back at you
  10. An egg has a 1/256 chance to hatch 4 chickens at once
  11. Arrows will cause fire damage if shot trough lava
  12. Blocking with a sword reduces half off of the damage
  13. Both types of spiders can’t climb up ice
  14. Cacti destroys items that collide with it
  15. Cakes will dissapair if you break the block beneath them
  16. Cats don’t take fall damage
  17. Causing a spider to take fall damage or damage from a cactus after attacking it during the day causes it to become neutral again
  18. Creepers and skeletons cannot see a player through glass (when not aggravated)
  19. Creepers are afraid of ocelots
  20. Creepers are based on a failed model of a pig
  21. Crying obsidian was going to be used to set a spawn point, but was taken out when beds were made
  22. Despite their lack of arms, creepers can climb ladders
  23. Drinking milk will stop poison and potion effects
  24. Each chunk is made up of over 65,000 blocks, although most of them are air
  25. Eating has no effect on vertical movement (including jumping, climbing up/down ladders, and swimming)
  26. Enderman have more chance to spawn on nights with new moon
  27. Enderman will become passive again, if touched by the water
  28. Endermen always drop enderpearls if they are killed by iron golems
  29. Ghast sounds were made by C418’s cat
  30. Ghasts cannot blow up cobblestone
  31. Hostile mobs won’t spawn in underground caves in a mushroom biome
  32. Ice and water are invisible behind ice and vica versa
  33. If a giant slime is in a minecart, you can’t see the minecart and it can only be pushed by another minecart with something in it
  34. If a player throws an egg at a spider, the spider will stay neutral
  35. If there is a way out of a room, a snow golem will try to get out
  36. If you are under a skeleton, it will shoot itself
  37. If you damage the sheep 7 hits (3 1/2 hearts) you can get 5 wool blocks by clicking both mouse buttons at the same time while holding shears (though it requires practice as you have 1/20 of a second between each mouse click.)
  38. If you leave the seed input blank, it uses your computer clock time
  39. If you light either a cow, chicken, or pig on fire, it will drop the cooked version of it’s meat
  40. If you use a night vision potion on a spider or an enderman you can still see their eyes
  41. If you use bonemeal on normal grass, flowers and tall grass will grow
  42. If your z or x coordinates are divisible by 16 then you are on a chunk boundary
  43. In real life a golden apple would weigh 154 tonnes or 340,393 pounds. It would be like carrying a small blue whale
  44. Iron golems and wolves are the only two mobs which can become hostile in peaceful mode
  45. It is possible to grow a tree past the height limit
  46. It is possible to hit an enderman with a projectile, as long as it has nowhere to teleport to.
  47. It’s easier to catch fish when it rains
  48. It’s possible to deal a Critical hit on a fireball, since it’s an entity
  49. Items thrown into flowing water that is atop ice blocks will result in the item flowing faster than normal
  50. Lava blocks actually flows 7 blocks in the nether instead of the 4 it does in the overworld
  51. Lava pools are more common in taiga and snowy biomes
  52. Magma cubes and blazes glow in the dark
  53. Magma cubes do not take fall damage
  54. Mobs cannot spawn on bottom half-slabs
  55. Mossy Cobble can only be found in 3 places: Jungle Temples, dungeons, and in Mega Tiaga Biomes.
  56. Mossy cobblestone can now be crafted by combining vines and cobblestone
  57. Most of the endermans sounds are people saying “Hi”, “Hello”, and “What’s up” reversed, slowed down and distorted
  58. Naming any mob Dinnerbone or Grumm will flip them upside down, while naming a sheep jeb_ will cause it to constantly change color.
  59. Nether fences and regular fences do not connect
  60. Nether warts can be placed in the overworld but can only grow in the nether
  61. Notch almost called Minecraft ‘Cavegame’
  62. On average, there are 3 diamond ore blocks per chunk
  63. Pistons and sticky pistons can move any kind of rails
  64. Pistons cannot push obsidian and bedrock or
  65. Pressure plates block water and lava from flowing
  66. Pumpkins are more difficult to find than diamonds
  67. Rain and snow cannot be seen through glass that is being broken
  68. Rain has a slight chance to fill a cauldron
  69. Redstone torches are the only lights source, besides natural light, that will not melt ice or snow
  70. Repairing two items gives you a 10% bonus
  71. Right clicking a mooshroom with a bowl gives you Mushroom soup
  72. Roses are rarer than dandilions
  73. Shears don’t take durability damage when destroying wool
  74. Signs, fences, ladders, fence gates and trapdoors block water horizontally and vertically
  75. Silverfish are the smallest mobs in the game
  76. Skeletons and zombies standing on soulsand won’t burn during the day
  77. Slabs and cakes on ice will still give you the sliding effect
  78. Slabs don’t cut your redstone circuit
  79. Slimes always jump in a straight line and can’t swim
  80. Sneaking effects your reach distance
  81. Snowballs will damage blazes, as well as the enderdragon
  82. Soul sand placed above ice will cause you to walk slower than walking on either seperately
  83. Spiders are completely friendly during daytime or in a fully lit room (unless you attack them)
  84. Tamed wolves will attack you if you shoot yourself with an arrow
  85. The ability to throw eggs was added when a player said he would eat his USB if Notch added it (He did)
  86. The best layer to mine for diamonds is level 12
  87. The chances of a sheep spawning with pink wool is 0.5%
  88. The enderdragon can destroy chests but not storage minecarts (minecarts with chest)
  89. The only way you can get some water into the nether is putting it in a cauldron
  90. The pumpkin must be placed last to create an iron golem
  91. The wither is immume to all projectiles
  92. The ~ character will hang off the edge of a sign
  93. There is a 1 in a 10,000 chance that the title will say Minceraft, not minecraft
  94. TNT explosions can remove lava and water
  95. Torches placed under falling gravel or sand will break the sand/gravel
  96. Unlike tiny slimes, tiny magma cubes can still hurt the player
  97. Using a tool for a different use than it is intended to will decrease it’s durability by 2 points instead of 1
  98. Villagers will breed if there are enough a wooden doors in their village (changing in 1.8)
  99. Water and lava flow towards the nearest hole
  100. Water destroys cobwebs
  101. Wearing full diamond armor repels the enderdragon’s attacks
  102. When glass is being smashed, the sky behind will turn blue even if there are clouds
  103. When holding f3, the nether is called Hell, and the End is called Sky
  104. When saplings grow they remove any glass pane that is in the way
  105. When the game is paused, a hostile enderman will still shake
  106. Wolves won’t attack creepers
  107. You can activate a wooden pressure plate with an arrow if there is a fire under it
  108. You can drive a minecart like a car if you ride a pig with a saddle in the minecart
  109. You can fish underwater
  110. You can force a creeper to explode using flint and steel on them
  111. You can obtain a dragon egg by pushing it with a piston or dropping it on a torch
  112. You can ride trough blocks above the rails on a minecart, although it can cause suffocation damage
  113. You can sleep during a thunderstorm, even if it’s day
  114. You can sprint up stairs
  115. You can still open chests if there’s a non-solid block (stairs, slabs, glass panes, fences…) or another chest above it
  116. You can wear a pumpkin on your head and it will prevent endermen from attacking you after you look at them
  117. You can’t lure animals with wheat in the end
  118. You can’t open a chest if a cat sits on it
  119. You can’t put a door on ice
  120. You cannot see player names through chests and signs, even if the player is not sneaking
  121. You move faster through water if it is encased with something
  122. Your health won’t regenerate if your health bar is 79% or less (has more than two meat haunches gone)
  123. Zombie Pigmen are not affected by lava or fire
  124. Zombie Pigmen have a chance to spawn from a nether portal
  125. Zombies can pick up any dropped item and wear dropped armor

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