A follow up to our “33 Things Every World Needs”, today we present 10 Awesome Furniture Designs, specifically for your inspiration. These have been curated at minecraftfurniture.net, so make sure you check them out.

#1 – Carpet Table (Submitted by LaReinta)
#2 – Warm Dining Room (Submitted by Galazeek)
#3 – Lavish Minecraft Living (Submitted by tentickiller)
#4 – Modern Pool (Submitted by DragonmaXXS)
#5 – Designer Piston Table (Submitted by EdenC996)
#6 – The Java
minecraft java industrial
#7 – The Java with Smaller Legs
a java minecraft table 1
#8-  The Retrac-Table
diner seating arrangement
#9 – Lightweight Table
minecraft lightweight 1
#10 – Reading Area
Reading Room
#11 – Raised Seating
stair seating retractable

What’s the best piece of furniture you’ve made in Minecraft? Show us in the comments below!

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