Are you prepared for what you’re about to see? Yes? Good! If your screen is big enough, you might have already seen some of the epic creations below. If not, don’t scroll down just yet! You might have seen most of these builds before. In fact you probably have – there are multiple lists across the internet with some of these builds in each of them. What those lists don’t have are sources to downloads (or a server in a couple of cases). We’ve taken the time to find each source, and link them. If there’s a build you like, go let the creator know.

1.) Game of Thrones Castle

Created By: WesterosCraft

2.) A Giant Version of The Terminator

 Created By: ShrubHerring

3.) The Entire Giza Necropolis

Created By: goopen

4.) The Quidditch Field

Created By:  Ludolik

5.) The City of Adamantis comprised of 60+ million blocks

Created By:  jamdelaney1

6.) Disneyland!

Created by: David Wasman

7.) The NASA shuttle

Created by: Janikus

8.) Modern City

Created By: MC_Nightmare

9.) Cleopatras Palace

 Created By: MCRFArchitect

10.) Glorious Minas Tirith

Created By: EpicQuestz
What Top 10 should we show next? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to also let us know which was your favorite creation!
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