What is Pixelmon mod? Are you serious? Pixelmon is a mod for Minecraft that adds in Pokemon related items/mobs and more.

ImagePixelmon Mod was released back on April 21, 2012, where Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle were the only characters, but soon that grew into what it is today with almost 635 pokemon! There’s also a new launcher where you can use it as an alternative instead of the default Minecraft launcher. The benefits of this that additional mods can be installed along with Pixelmon as well, either manually or through the use of custom modpacks known as “Pixpacks”. The Pixelmon launcher is currently only compatible with Windows systems. It will not function on Unix-based systems like Mac or Linux.

What’s in Pixelmon Mod?

The Pixelmon Mod introduces many new items to your Minecraft world.

Poké Balls

  • Grid Cherish Ball.pngCherish Ball
  • Grid Dive Ball.pngDive Ball
  • Grid Dusk Ball.pngDusk Ball
  • Grid Fast Ball.pngFast Ball


  • Grid Aguav Berry.pngAguav Berry
  • Grid Apicot Berry.pngApicot Berry
  • Grid Aspear Berry.pngAspear Berry
  • Grid Babiri Berry.pngBabiri Berry


  • Grid Fiery Shrine.pngFiery Shrine
  • Grid Frozen Shrine.pngFrozen Shrine
  • Grid Ice Rock.pngIce Rock

There’s TONS more! check it out all the items here.

The different Overworld Minecraft biomes each have different Pokémon that inhabit them. No Pokémon spawn in the Nether or the End.

Abilities are passive effects that each Pokémon possesses for use in battle. A Pokémon may only have one Ability at a time; this Ability cannot be changed. Of the pool of possible Abilities a Pokémon can have, there are one or two normal abilities and possibly one hidden Ability. If the Pokémon has two possible normal abilities, there is an equal chance that either of them will be that Pokémon’s Ability. Hidden Abilities are significantly rarer than normal Abilities; by default, each Pokémon has a 1150 chance of having its hidden Ability. The combination of types of Abilities that a Pokémon may have include:

  • One normal Ability
  • One normal Ability, one hidden Ability
  • Two normal Abilities, one hidden Ability

Abilities (including hidden Abilities) can be passed down through breeding. The mother has an 80% chance to pass down her Ability, while the father has a 60% chance to pass down his Ability if he breeds with a Ditto.

Finding Pokémon. After you have the necessary equipment, find the Pokémon that you want. Keep in mind that Pokémon spawn in different biomes and times (split into day, dusk, and night) and that some are rarer than others. Some Pokémon are not even found in the wild at all, most of which are evolved Pokémon. A few others, namely Legendary Pokémon; Fossil Pokémon; and Porygon, are obtained through special methods. Also note that you can’t catch boss Pokémon or Pokémon owned by other Trainers.

Catching Pokémon. Once you have found your target Pokémon, send out your Pokémon and battle it. Although it is possible to just throw a Poké Ball and catch it right now, weakening the Pokémon will increase the chances of capture. Use moves that you know will not defeat the opposing Pokémon, as they can’t be captured if they faint. If you are able to inflict a status conditions such as paralysis and sleep, your chance of success will increase further. Different types of Poké Balls work better in different situations as well. Keep in mind that the difficulty of catching different species of Pokémon varies according to their catch rates. Once they are weakened, go to your bag in the battle menu and select a Poké Ball, or any ball of your choice. If it is a successful capture, the Poké Ball will stop shaking and a message will appear saying that the Pokémon was captured. The Pokémon will appear in your GUI on the left, or be deposited in the PC in the event that your party is full.

It is also possible to just throw a Poké Ball outside of battle via right-click. This requires you to aim at the target Pokémon, and if you miss, there is a chance that the Poké Ball will break into its components parts, necessitating the reassembly of the Poké Ball.

Poké Balls are small, round objects used for capturing and containing wild Pokémon. They may not be used to capture another Trainer’s Pokémon or a boss Pokémon.
Poké Balls may be used outside of or during a battle with a wild Pokémon. When not engaged with a Pokémon, right-clicking with the Poké Ball in hand will throw it. This technique requires aiming at the Pokémon that is to be capture by placing the mouse cursor over the Pokémon. Using this technique, there is a small chance that the thrown Poké Ball will break into its component parts (lid, button, and base) if the Poké Ball misses the Pokémon and hits a block. If this happens, it is possible to collect the broken pieces and reconstruct the Poké Ball in the crafting interface. Cherish Balls, GS Balls, Master Balls, and Park Balls cannot break in this manner.Mechanics

If engaged in a Pokémon battle, during a turn, clicking on the Bag option will show all Poké Balls in the Minecraft inventory under the Poké Balls tab. This method requires no aim as any selected Poké Ball will be automatically thrown at the wild Pokémon.


PIXELMON 4.0.6 – THE ABSOL UPDATE – Released June 30, 2015


Check out their wiki for a complete guide on getting started with Pixelmon.

Official Pixelmon Website


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