There’s a lot of info so let’s get right to it. This is brought to you by /u/redstonehelper

edit: More from the Behind the scenes panel.

  • BlockModel improvements
    • Models can be put together based on BlockState attributes – Example: fences
    • As a result, the vanilla set of block models was reduced by almost 300 models

Behind the scenes panel information on top, information from the stage event this morning on the bottom.

  • First 1.9 snapshot likely within 2 weeks, but no promises
  • End stone bricks are one of the new blocks – Screenshot
  • Screenshot of some new arrows in the creative inventory
  • Mirroring/rotating structures will come to /clone
  • More different textures for mobs
  • White glowing pole blocks, placable horizonally and vertically which produce white particles – Screenshots – also shown on the earlier presentation, but I missed them there

  • set amount of pillars arranged in a circular fashion
  • ender dragon protects pillars more the further you progress – Screenshots
  • fire breath
  • ender dragon can be respawned as many times as you want
  • you can craft a version of the ender crystals which spawn another dragon when placed
  • ender dragon breath is an ingredient you can get from killing the dragon over and over, but only one dragon egg
  • New type of portal: “End gateway” – Screenshots
  • Multiple end islands
  • You can now throw ender pearls in creative mode
  • New item: Chorus Fruit (edible), comes from Chorus plants (farmable) – Screenshots
  • Only the flowers atop the chorus fruits let you replant the plants
  • Chorus plants drop the whole plant at once, like cacti
  • End city: name of the new dungeon in the end with loads of new blocks – Screenshots
  • First 1.9 snapshot very soon
  • Hostile mob, “Shulker”, short for “Shell Lurker”, disguises as the block it’s sitting on
  • Opens up and shoots projectiles which only move along the x/y/z axis – Screenshots
  • Status effect HUDs! – show good effects on the top, bad effects on the bottom, left-most effects expire sooner
  • Effects that are about to run out will blink
  • New potion effect: Levitation, given by the Shulker projectiles – negative effect – Screenshots
  • Shields with customizable patterns, like banners! – very WIP, possibly not in the first snapshot – Screenshots
  • Patterns obtainable by combining shields with banners
  • Shields block attacks from the side they’re held on
  • Grey arrows are invisibility arrows
  • Spectral arrows make hit entities glow for a while
  • Poison arrows
  • Arrows can be tipped with potions which will be applied on hit
  • The bow in your hotbar shows how far arrows have been drawn – Screenshot
  • You can find out whether you’re glowing from a spectral arrow using the potion effect HUD
  • No more super secret settings/Broadcast Settings?
  • edit: rewatchable stream
  • new white pole blocks, can be horizontal and vertical

Q/A time:

  • Stronger boats are being considered, planned feature parity with MC:PE is still a thing
  • Levitation potion probably not being added
  • Invisible entities hit by spectral arrows still get an outline
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