A while ago we were contacted by a talented musician named Wolfrik aka Jordan O’Hara. He sent us some of his original and parody songs about Minecraft and once we heard it we knew that everyone should! We also wanted to make a video, because his music was just so descriptive.

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The song we picked was Go Mining, which is about going mining to look for diamonds and encountering mobs. It was the epitome of what Minecraft is all about.. to some people..lol.



After searching for a bit we stumbled upon Sxmine aka Sami, a talented 15 year old animator! She had her work up on YouTube and we were really impressed, we knew we had to get her on board.

After some preliminary emails discussing the project she was excited to work with us, and we were too!

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Audience noise highlightedWhen Wolfrik sent us his song, it was recorded with a mic that had some static, but with simple audio software tools we were able to clean out the added noise, which made it crystal clear! Now it really sounded professional.

The steps we took to accomplish this video animation-

After cleaning the audio noise out, we listened to to the lyrics word by word and created what we called a “shot-list.” We only did 10 seconds worth, because we didn’t want to overwhelmed Sami with this 2 minute long song.

Sami is pro though, she took charge and directed the entire animation, from camera angles to the twist ending! That saved us lot of time. We totally suggest if you’re interested in making an animation , but don’t have the skills, hit up Sami on Twitter @Sxmine for prices and let her know your budget and time constraints. She is very professional!

After Sami finished all the scenes we still had to edit it together add the music and the captions, because we believe song lyrics should be easy to understand!

Editing Go Mining - Animated Music Video

Editing Go Mining – Animated Music Video

So to recap, we heard a song we like, we contacted an animator, agreed on terms, and executed. 

After we had the complete song with animation, it was time to set up the promotion so we can get maximum views initially. We uploaded it to YouTube and posted the links on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We also made the song available for purchase. It’s a very nice catchy song, we suggest you check it out here.

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We plan on making more videos and will even continue to work with Jordan and Sami as time passes. We hope this gave you a little insight on how we did it. Share you stories below. 

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