The next big title update for Xbox 360 and PS3 and other consoles will be coming out soon, and so we were wondering what you guys would like to see?

IBXToyCat released his video outlining 5 features he would like to see:

  1. New Controls: The PC has a sprint key and we agree that if they add a separate key on the console version it would make a lot of players happy.
  2. Placeable Mob Spawners: Pocket edition has this, and it could make Minecraft a lot better on consoles by making it even more creative.
  3. Bigger Multiplayer: It’s been a while since they talked about it, it should be implemented by now, the problem is that it could get laggy so that could be the reason why.
  4. More Host Options: Being able to change difficulty for survival, it should be made more convenient. Also change PVP in-game.
  5. Hardcore Mode: It’d be cool if people die they would leave the world. You can just exit without saving, but it would be cool if it was more like PC.

What do you guys think? What would you like to see for TU30? More Biomes? More blocks? Let us knoOooOOW

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