Do you miss the Beta 1.7 Mineraft terrain generation? Lacking incentive to explore? Sick and tired of samey biomes? While I may have just paraphrased the opening sentences of the Vintagecraft Mod Minecraft forum page, I think i’ve found a solution for you.

This is not a review – I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. Rather, like with “Planetary Confinement—The Dunes“, this is the announcement, the review will come in the next few days.

Anyway, back to Vintagecraft. It’s a total conversion mod for Minecraft, “similar to TerraFirmaCraft, but not as survivalistic. Also more Nature”. Creator TyronX has been teasing screenshots of the mod on /r/Minecraft for the last few weeks, and has now released a beta of the mod for players to test out.

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I mentioned that this was a total conversion mod, so I figured I should copy the getting started guide from the forum post, just to give you an idea of some of the changes.
Getting Started

  1. After Entering the World, look for 3 Things: Sticks (from branchy leaveblocks), Wood (from trees, duh), Stones (from Regolith, 1/3 drop chance)
  2. Craft yourself a crafting table with 4 logs (in your 2×2 crafting grid)
  3. Build yourself a stone pickaxe to mine rock for more stones to get your basic toolset going
  4. There is currently only 1 usable ore in the game, with which you can make tools out of: Copper
  5. You can make cobblestone with stone+clay and you need a saw to build planks and slabs. Fence and fence gates have the same recipe as in Vanilla MC 1.8. Smelting is slow ;-)
  6. There is wheat growing in temperate areas of the world. You can craft a hoe and till the land for growing wheat

What’s really awesome about Vintagecraft is that it’s made for Minecraft 1.8, which means that you can play it without having to downgrade.

You can download the mod from the Minecraft Forums. Keep an eye out for our review, and let us know what else you think we should check out!

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