Minecraft is the sort of game that has something for everybody. If you like Deathmatches, then by all means join a server where that is the goal. If you are like Yazur, user on Devientart.com, then you like making amazing cities. Check out his work, he also has a server, link on bottom.

The Boardwalk

Elementary School

Aquarium Center

Brookwood Condos

Lapiz Point

Traditional House

[Minecraft] House by Yazur

This is what Yazur has to say:

“Hello! My name is Yazur. I am French Canadian. I mostly build Traditional builds and I’m not that bad at Modern either. I build pretty much everything like vehicles, ships, planes, buildings, stadiums, landscaping etc. I am a proud builder of Lapiz Point City, which is a realistic modern city. I mainly post renders of it here as well as on Reddit. I also have a Twitter, Twitch, Google+, Facebook Page and an Imgur. I am also founder of the AlphacraftTeam, a building team and member of the ELYSIUM team. If you need any information don’t be afraid to send me a message!”

You can find him here:


This is his Server for AlphaCraft Team: http://alphacraft-hub.enjin.com/home


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