Our 2015 Ultimate Xbox 360 Seed List has proved to be one of the most popular articles on our site. For 2016, I combed through a giant list of Minecraft seeds for the Xbox 360 and came up an even more awesome list of cool seeds.

There’s a wide range below – some islands, lots of villages, a few temples, a stronghold or two, and some of the greatest biomes yet explored in Minecraft.

Seed: exceptional!

This seed produces a truly unbelievable island world, with a gigantic cavern system, stronghold, spider dungeon and mushroom island.

Seed: -3638653673509959536

7 Villages & 3 Temples

X=-257 Z=288 Blacksmith.
X=-225 Z=135 Blacksmith and Library.
X=-161 Z=-235 Blacksmith and Libraries.
X=48 Z=-240 Blacksmith.
X=266 Z=-155 Blacksmith.
X=150 Z=111 Library.
X=321 Z=310 Library, glitched. into a hill.

X=-374 Z=122.
X=-150 Z=-294 buried.
X=234 Z=-150 next to village.

Seed: topnotcher

The greatest survival seed ever? Spawn on a mushroom island with sugarcane, a single tree nearby. Underground lies the best cave system a survival player could want – dozens of exposed diamonds – and a stronghold off in the south.

Seed: 537040503201085552

4 Villages, 1 Temple and a lot of diamonds! Also, some amazing landscape.

Seed: carpe diem

Ice Spikes, Flower Forest, Mesa, Roofed Forest and other awesome biomes cover this world. There’s also two villages and a desert temple.


Have you got a seed you think is awesome? Let us know in the comments below!

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