PvP is an epic part of Minecraft. It’s the reason thousands of servers exist. Yet when playing a PVP game, having an edge over your opponents can mean the difference between defeat and victory. One such edge can be gained with resourcepacks that offer to help cut down confusion in the heat of battle.

Today, we present the Top 5 PVP resourcepacks for Minecraft 1.7

#1 – JumpyAcorn’s PvP Resource Pack 1.7.10

JumpyAcorn’s PvP Resource Pack is another pack that is designed to make your life in the world of minecraft much better and awesome! This is especially true for PVP, where the vibrant colors make everything stand out, and contrast with players.

[16x] [1.7] Download JumpyAcorn’s PvP Resource Pack

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#2 – Spectral PVP Pack

Currently in development, this resourcepack by EnderDragonair on PlanetMinecraft is interesting, as it features all original textures. I like the look of it so far, so we’ll see how it comes along.
[32x] [1.8] Download Spectral PVP Pack

#3 – Meepedy’s PVP Pack

“I was sitting up at 12am, bored out of my mind. I began to play survival games, as I was playing. I decided to make a texture pack that would change the look of some items for pvp. Like shovels look like spears, pickaxes look like maces, shears look like knives, etc….”


[32x] [1.7] Download Mepeedy’s PVP Pack

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#4 -Aurum PVP

A detailed look for 16×16 textures, Aurum PVP focuses on making things easier to spot – don’t get confused about what things are if you don’t have to seems to be the main idea.

[16x] [1.7] Download Aurum PVP

#5 –  PvP Kusko321

PVP Kuso321 is another in development resourcepack, which promises to make things stick out more obviously. It also makes the inventory much brighter… (I’ll leave it at that).

[16x] [1.7] Download PVP Kuzo321

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Coming soon is one of our honest server reviews, so be sure to check it out!

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