Recently, we’ve been featuring a range of builds created in Minecraft: Pocket Edition (and another series of console builds). This week, it’s time to check out the top 12 ships built in MCPE. This is mainly a list of sailing ships, although I’ve also featured an airship, because it’s cool! I’m saving space ships for later, so if that was what you were expecting, you’ll just have to wait!

#1 – Sailing Ship | Codename_whiteness

#2 – Creative World Ship | Tobysmc

#3 – Netherrack Pirate Ship | swimming_is_life

#4 – The Flying Dutchman’s ship | AngryFish11

#5 – Airship | Codename_whiteness

#6 – Pirate Ship | Lithiumjackal

#7 – Wide Ship | Iamdarb

#8 – Small Ship | rickroll95

#9 – Two Ships | dr_andre99

#10 – Pirate Ship | rickroll95

#11 – First Sailing Ship | PossiblyYourEvilTwin

#12 – Ship, Lighthouse & Castle. | Iffycrescent

What other builds do you want us to feature? Let me know in the comments below!

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